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Welcome to Two Peas, Melbourne's premier destination for specialised training services. Our courses, tailored for small businesses and startups, offer practical, industry-relevant skills in bookkeeping software, POS systems, franchise management, and more, ensuring your business thrives in today's competitive market.

  • Tailored Bookkeeping Software Courses

  • Practical POS System Training

  • Comprehensive Franchise Management Guidance

  • Expert Small Business Advice

  • Startup Strategies and Cloud Solutions

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Let us help you with your knowledge of accounting and more!

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Training services that help businesses succeed

Our core service, 'Small Business Success Training', is designed to empower Melbourne's small business owners. We provide hands-on training in Cloud Accounting, Bookkeeping Software, and POS systems, ensuring you're equipped with the latest tools and knowledge to drive your business forward.

Cloud Accounting Training For Modern Businesses

Two Peas' Cloud Accounting Training is a game-changer for Melbourne's small businesses. Our course covers essential cloud-based tools, offering insights into efficient financial management.

Learn to streamline your accounting processes, understand financial reports, and leverage cloud technology for better financial decision-making. This training is crucial for businesses aiming to stay ahead in the digital era.

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Empowering Your Franchise With Expert Training

Franchise success in Melbourne demands expertise, which our Franchise Training provides. We delve into franchise management, marketing strategies, and operational efficiency.

Our training equips franchise owners with the skills to manage growth, maintain brand consistency, and navigate the complexities of franchise operations. This course is essential for anyone looking to expand or improve their franchise business.

Our clients say the same thing

Our clients consistently praise the effectiveness of our training programs. They've experienced firsthand how our courses in POS training, Cloud Addon training, and small business advice have transformed their operations, leading to increased efficiency, profitability, and market competitiveness.

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    More time

    Efficient training leads to streamlined operations, saving precious time.

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    Less stress

    Gain confidence and reduce stress with our expert-led courses.

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    More money

    Invest in training; reap the rewards in increased profits.

Want the best bookkeeping systems to run your business?

Operational Solutions

ERP Solutions utilising Ostendo software to better manage and help you grow your business’ operations.

Retail POS & ERP Addon Solutions

POS Systems Kounta, Retail Express, Vend and RetailManager, better enabling you to track your stock, sales and customers.

Accounting Solutions

MYOB, Xero, QBO Consultants and Bookkeepers ready to supply, setup, train & support your business.

Bookkeeping Software Training For Efficient Financial Management

Two Peas' Bookkeeping Software Training is tailored for Melbourne's diverse business landscape. This course demystifies financial record-keeping, teaching you to manage accounts with ease.

Learn to automate tasks, generate accurate financial reports, and improve overall financial health. Our training is ideal for businesses seeking to enhance their financial management practices and ensure compliance with Australian financial regulations.

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Startup Advice: Navigating Early Business Challenges

Startups in Melbourne can leap ahead with Two Peas' Startup Advice Training. We cover essential strategies for business planning, market analysis, and funding opportunities.

Our course provides practical tips for overcoming early-stage challenges, ensuring a strong foundation for your business. This training is a must for any startup looking to make a significant impact in its initial years.

We've won an award or two

Let our award-winning bookkeepers handle your BAS reporting accurately and punctually while providing insights into your business performance and ensuring your accounts are always current. 

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See how we've helped our customers

In 2013, 2 Peas assisted Mcrose Caravan Park in Rosebud with setting up their accounting structure and compliance for when they began trading. They took the hassle out of bookkeeping and made it fun with MYOB cloud accounting software. Watch their story.


We partner, work and integrate with many brands

What makes your Bookkeeping Software Training unique?

Our Bookkeeping Software Training stands out due to its customisation for Melbourne's diverse business landscape. We focus on practical application, ensuring participants can immediately implement what they've learned. The training covers various software, addressing different business sizes and sectors, making it relevant and effective for all attendees.


How does POS training benefit my business?

POS training is crucial for retail and hospitality businesses. It helps staff efficiently manage sales transactions, inventory, and customer interactions. This training leads to faster service, error reduction, and improved customer satisfaction, directly impacting your business's bottom line.


Can Cloud Accounting Training help my business save money?

Absolutely. Cloud Accounting Training enables businesses to manage their finances more effectively. Learning to use cloud-based tools allows you to automate tasks, reduce errors, and access financial data in real-time. This efficiency saves time and reduces the costs associated with traditional accounting methods.


What are the key benefits of Franchise Training?

Franchise Training offers multiple benefits, including enhanced management skills, improved operational efficiency, and effective marketing strategies. It prepares franchise owners and staff to meet the unique challenges of franchising, ensuring a consistent and successful business model across different locations.


Why is Startup Advice crucial for new businesses?

Startup Advice is critical as it guides new entrepreneurs through the complex business establishment process. It covers market research, business planning, funding, and legal considerations. This advice is invaluable in avoiding common pitfalls and setting a strong foundation for long-term success.

Let us help you with your knowledge of accounting and more!

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