We use TeamViewer to provide online services and support because it is a proven and highly secure system widely used for online services in the IT industry.

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Online Service and Support

To enable us to login to your computer we use a very handy tool called TeamViewer. All you need to do is click on the download button below which will start the TeamViewer running, your 2Peas Consultant will ask for the Partner ID and from there we will successfully be able to login to your computer.

Please be assured the app is very secure and we can only access your computer each time on your invitation, therefore we will be only accessing your computer when the app is running.

TeamViewer for Computers

Click on the download button below to access the 2Peas Support Team Viewer QuickSupport app for both Windows and Mac computers. Then save the app to your desktop, it is simple to set up and no installation is required. Once set up provide your 2Peas consultant with the Partner ID.

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