Take Control of Your Accounts Payable with Dataline

Do you want to take control of your accounts payable whilst at the same time save time and money?

Are you wasting time trying to locate invoices you need to approve and pay?

Do you spend too much doing data entry where you could be out earning money?

Dataline is an accounts payable automation tool that provides enterprise-grade functionality to small business.
In 5 easy steps you can achieve accounts payable automation:

  1. Send Invoices to Dataline either electronically, scan or post.
  2. Dataline extracts and digitises your data so no more duplications, errors or time consuming data entry.
  3. Online Approval Process facility then allows you to log into your portal via PC or Mobile device to process the invoices by reviewing/approving/excluding and more.
  4. Send directly to your MYOB AccountRight Live software.
  5. Relax – No upfront costs or hardware required just register and we can help you through the rest so contact 2 Peas.

Here is a little video that explains the flow: