COVID-19 Business Update – 27 May 2020

Welcome back to our Weekly Digest. We hope you and your family are doing well. Read on for this week’s update. JobKeeper Key Dates The ATO’s website has a list of key dates relevant to JobKeeper which you might find handy. Not-for-profits and charities can find some JobKeeper information here also. If you are still wondering if you are eligible, or what schemes apply to you and your business, get…  Read more

10 tips small business owners can adopt to ensure continued growth

During times of crisis your continued business growth is dependant on many factors including collaboration, improved marketing, customer service as well as innovative strategies.  Here are some useful tips you could introduce into your business that are quick and easy to implement. 1. Improved customer service Businesses with good customer service retain their clients as well as attract ones.  Word-of-mouth is the most powerful marketing tool.  Even if you think…  Read more

COVID-19 Business Update – 20 May 2020

Welcome back to our Weekly Digest. We hope you and your family are doing well. Here is some of what’s happened this week. Restrictions are easing slowly Last week we mentioned the government’s state-by-state road-maps to relaxing restrictions. Most states have started their road-map and as a result, some businesses are gearing up to reopen.  If it’s still a little while away for your business – do hang in there,…  Read more

As restrictions lift, here are 4 tips for re-opening your business

As business owners look to life after COVID-19, an important factor to consider is what the plan is to reopen your business?  For most businesses, the easing of restrictions doesn’t mean things go back to the way they were or business as usual.  There are still rules and regulations in place stipulating how companies can operate, including how many people can be on their premises at one time and how…  Read more

COVID-19 Business Update – 13 May 2020

Another week has passed and how quickly the roll over!  Hopefully you are staying safe and healthy.  The news we have all been waiting for late last week was the government’s three-step plan to relax coronavirus restrictions. It’s great news for our country as well as our economy – so well done to everyone for playing a big part in “flattening the curve!”  Please be careful from here by maintaining…  Read more

When money is tight here’s 4 steps to build those cash reserves

When funds are tight building a cash reserve is not easy.  You need money to continue running your business so it is crucial to keep your reserve account healthy.  Keeping a “war chest” for those challenging times enables you to take advantage of an opportunity or overcome unexpected costs during those critical times. Here are 4 ways to build or preserve cash during a crisis. 1. Transfer any additional money…  Read more

COVID-19 Business Update – 7 May 2020

In this week’s update, as well as some updates on government support for businesses, we’ve included a number of resources to help with navigating your business out of the dire situation we’ve all been in. No doubt there are still tough times ahead but there are many reasons to be hopeful and we’re here to help you through it all. JobKeeper The first JobKeeper payments are expected to flow this…  Read more

4 Tips for marketing on a tight budget

During a financial crisis, a company’s marketing budget is often the first to go.  However, removing your marketing cost entirely is a dangerous move.  Although stress levels are rising and pressure is mounting as a result of finances it is now more crucial than ever to keep your marketing going.  It does not have to be at a big cost.  Try these tips for marketing on a tight budget. 1.…  Read more

Are you sure you are eligible for the government stimulus packages?

Our role as advisors is to support small businesses, but we cannot compromise our standards along the way, particularly as the effects of COVID-19 continue to rage on for our clients. The Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) together with the ATO recently released a statement as a reminder of the ethical responsibilities of accountants and bookkeepers. The core of their message was that the ATO will not look favourably on businesses…  Read more

Synnex Security Webinar presents 2 Peas, Webroot and AppRiver – “Secure Your Business Future”

Synnex Australia thank you so much for inviting 2 Peas to be part of your security webinar alongside industry leaders from Webroot and AppRiver to educate business owners on how to secure their business for the other side. With Coronavirus affecting the world and the sudden impact it has on businesses around the world security and future proofing our business has never been more relevant. Webroot educated the audience on…  Read more

Ways to run your business if your premises are closed

The pandemic has challenged many small business owners. It’s not easy to run your business remotely, especially if you’re not set up to do so. If you run a business that requires customers or clients to come to you, you might be very concerned about how you can continue to operate if your premises remain closed. If you have access to technology, are adaptable, and are willing to look into…  Read more

Communicating during a pandemic is key to business survival

Many small business owners are faced with difficult times ahead as a result to COVID-19.  It is an unprecedented time and one that will require you to have some difficult conversations with your suppliers, clients and employees that may be both uncomfortable as well as stressful. Whether you’re communicating with employees about business issues during the pandemic, hoping to negotiate a rent reduction or changes to credit terms, or asking…  Read more

JobKeeper Eligibility Tests Unveiled

The ATO has just released Alternative Tests for the JobKeeper payment which expands eligibility from the initial basic test. This is good news for many businesses, particularly startups, those affected by last year’s droughts and those with variable revenues. Basic Test If you satisfy the eligibility requirements for the basic test, you can ignore the alternative tests below. The basic test is satisfied where your projected GST turnover for the…  Read more

JobKeeper plus COVID-19 Update

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting nearly every aspect of our lives and will be remembered as a pivotal time in history. Like any other event that impacts the world, we don’t know what the future will be like, but we do know that the other side of this will require resilience and creativity from all of us. In the spirit of resilience, we have put together some useful resources to…  Read more

How to market and sell remotely – free webinar

We’ve teamed up with the company that helps with our website and marketing to bring you a free webinar on how to market and sell remotely. They’ve been 100% remote for seven years but have built a global business and they want to share how they did it with you. I’ve attended webinars from them in the past and they are always practical and useful. They are going to cover…  Read more

Work from home and ensure business continuity – Webinar

Secure your business & run a modern workplace in the comfort of your own home Are you setting up a working from home environment? Join Synnex’s webinar on Wednesday to hear insights from industry leaders on how to keep your business secure while you work from home. With the increase of employees working from home, security has been more relevant now than ever. Webroot will dive into the current threat…  Read more

COVID-19 updates for the week

Here we are another week down! We hope everyone enjoyed their Easter break and is feeling a little fresher. Many of us are adjusting to a new normal – staying home as much as possible, whilst finding our groove working remotely, if that’s an option. The government is putting together financial resources to support small business, and many other businesses are doing what they can to help business owners keep…  Read more

What are the Trends in Business? The New Paradigm?

In the last two months, the world has changed. And with it, business has also changed in ways that are likely to be with us permanently. It is time to think about what the future is likely to bring to start preparing our businesses for the new reality. With bricks and mortar business being impacted by forced closures and social distancing, there has been a rapid move towards remote systems…  Read more

COVID-19 updates just keep coming so here’s what else you should know

10th April 2020 Rental waivers and deferrals for commercial tenants Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced some new measures for landlords and tenants on Tuesday 7th April. The new mandatory code will apply to tenancies where the tenant or landlord is eligible for the JobKeeper program, which means those that are in financial distress. This code was described to include “good-faith principles” where landlords must not terminate the lease or draw…  Read more

JobKeeper legislation has now passed through Parliament – so what does this mean for eligible Australian businesses?

The JobKeeper legislation was passed by the Federal Government yesterday with some additional amendments especially around the Fair Work Act allowing employers increased power to vary employment terms in order to assist them to stay in business and to maintain their workforce. So, what does this mean for Australian businesses, employers and employees? Up to 6 million Australians are about to start receiving $1500 per fortnight wage subsidy as part…  Read more