Using Batch Numbers in MYOB Inventory

What are batch numbers and why are they used?

Batch numbers typically are associated with inventory. The Items within a Batch have all been manufactured to the same standards and contain attributes that are unique to that Batch.

With manufacturing, you can assign a batch number to the products that are made from the same lot of raw materials, and then track that same number through to the sale.

With distributors, you can track the batch number on the purchase of stock and through to the sale.

So by using batch numbers you are able to identify within one item code, which actual stock are identical to one another.

A few examples:
Batch numbers can be used when selling carpet or other product where colour uniformity is important – the carpet layer will want to use the carpet for one job that was made from the same dye lot, as there can be variations in colour even though the one product code is used.

Batch numbers are often used when selling pharmaceuticals and food stuffs. The batch number is used to identify all the products that were made at the one time. If there is a quality problem, the batch number is used to identify all the customers who may be affected and then issue a product recall for just that particular batch.

Although MYOB AccountRight Live does not have batch tracking as a feature, this video shows how you can do a “work around” within MYOB to put batch numbers against product codes and track the batches as they are purchased and sold.