ServiceM8 is now my best mate

My new client purchased an existing business which required them to book jobs for residential customers whilst also scheduling them with their installers. Having a breadth of experience with accounting software and the latest breed of apps, I set out to change their world!

The previous owners were using outdated, manual business systems. The business needed a new life and with that I sought the best breed of add-on software that would help the new owners run their business better whilst creating many efficiencies in the process. The system that fit the bill was Servicem8.

Being new to ServiceM8 I took the opportunity to deeper dive into the program so I could be more proficient in order to best support my client as well as other 2 Peas clients. I needed understand all the bells and whistles it had to offer so, being the overachiever that I am, I sat the ServiceM8 partner accreditation course which only cemented my choice of software for this client was the right one.

This business required inventory tracking and ServiceM8 deals with item invoices that integrate back into the accounting software. The key to any integration is to ensure your accounting software is set up correctly to begin with. Once I had the accounting software set up, I was able to connect ServiceM8 to imported all existing customer data as well as inventory items.
Now the fun begins… within 72 hours I had literally transformed the business from old manual systems to a new paperless world. Gone are the manual processes, printed diaries, filling out written forms & JSA’s onsite, taking merchant payments with a large iPad and merchant machine, (the last thing a tradie wants is to lug around all of this). It doesn’t stop there, also gone is manually punching addresses into a separate navigation unit in the car, the back office entering of invoices and payments into the accounting software, not to mention the masses of paper filing. Nope, nope, nope….

My new mate ServiceM8 now gives the client many new abilities:

  • Administration staff can book jobs easily in the dispatch board.
  • Add tasks for follow up.
  • Create orders and add materials on the go (no income lost on the spot).
  • Update customer contact details quickly, get to jobs fast via GPS google maps at the push of the button.
  • Notify the customer automatically that the installer is on their way.
  • Complete the JSA’s onsite.
  • Fill out the service form and get an electronic signature from the customer and email or SMS the customer a copy.
  • Generate an invoice on the spot and take payment through stripe and email or SMS the customer a copy.
  • Ability to see where staff are on the road via a map.
  • All installation history including JSA’s and service forms are all saved electrically in ServiceM8
  • All of the above is easily accessible on the installers iPhone.
  • The client can confidently state our business is 100% paperless.

At the back end, once the day has finished our client approves all the day’s invoices at the push of a button and all item invoices and payment methods integrate back into our accounting software. And this is only some of the bells and whistles.

$$$ ServiceM8 now gives the client the ability to see revenue generated and forward plan $$$

The installers are now very happy as they know what their schedules are ahead of time and can balance their personal appointments and life around the jobs booked in for the day. The administrator who manages the dispatch of the jobs said she has never been so productive.

My new mate ServiceM8 has transformed our client’s business. I can now step back knowing our client and his staff can run the day to day duties of the business whilst 2 Peas handles all the bookkeeping and compliance. All our client now needs to do is focus on growing their business knowing the rest is handled on their behalf!

If you’re a tradie and your business needs are revamp, you’re sick of paper, feel unorganised, want your cashflow to roll in with ease or would like some of your personal time back why not ‘Contact Us’ to discuss your business needs and to explore what we can do for you.

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– Renae Petersen