Ostendo Updates You Ought To Know About

Ostendo is operational software designed for businesses that have complex inventory, manufacturing and job/project/service type requirements.

There have been some very exciting features released for Ostendo in recent months. Here are just a few of them.


We are finding that Freeway is perfect for job based businesses with staff on the road.

Freeway is a free app that integrates with Ostendo. It is designed to manage jobs and job costs while staff are away from the business site.

Freeway allows service and job based staff to be able to see jobs assigned to them on their android phone or tablet, record materials and labour used, record audio notes, take photos, go through checklists (even as a diagnostic tool), capture signatures etc.

Freeway stores this data if the staff are out of internet access and synchronises once they are back in internet range.

All this data is then captured in Ostendo and recorded against the job and against the staff time sheets. It automatically applies the costs involved to the job.


The assignment board allows for easy scheduling of job tasks, assemblies and deliveries.

A calendar allows for drag and drop of work allocated to staff members, equipment, trucks and departments.

The system allows for checking of inventory levels per job or assembly, to see if there is enough stock to fulfil the order and to see if the work should be rescheduled.

It also allows for monitoring of staff certifications – are they actually certified to complete the tasks and is their certification up to date?

This is one example of how the assignment board can look:

So this shows the staff and equipment on the left side, the time scale in the centre, the calendar on the right and all unassigned jobs, assemblies and deliveries on the right.

The assignment board works very well in conjunction with Freeway, as the jobs can be assigned here and the staff can see their work on their Android phone while on the road.


Staff can scan their name, the job or assembly they are working on, and the type of labour code that applies. The system will automatically record their time as a cost against the assembly or the job, and create a time sheet entry as well. A very easy time cost capture process.

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