Ostendo and freeway – making business more efficient

What’s all the fuss about?

A client recently told us that they had scoured the world looking for a solution to their business requirements and were very surprised to find the solution in Malvern, just around the corner from their business. Freeway is a great app. that can run on your android tablet and phone, allowing users to capture information REAL TIME and have it update Ostendo via the internet, whether the user is in or out of internet range.

There are a huge number of uses for Freeway; the following are just a few:


– Receipt stock in by scanning the barcode of the purchase order, and scanning or recording the stock quantities
– Stocktake by scanning the barcodes of the stock or manually entering quantities
– Picking sold stock by scanning the pick order and then scanning the barcodes of the stock


– GPS location of the client on the tablet
– Capture client signature
– Record photo of the delivery in good order
– QA codes can be used – pallets can have information uploaded on QA code and read via scanner (eg the contents of the pallet)
– Coming soon – the ability to scan stock going onto a pallet and being able to provide a manifest of what is on the pallet to 5 levels of packaging.


– Record materials and time on the job, getting accurate costings
– Record notes on work done
– Capture client signature
– Download relevant documents and images on site
– Set up diagnostic Q/A
– Know where your staff are


– Record use of materials as they are taken from store
– Record time
– Update finished good quantities as they are completed


– Have client site hazards recorded and staff sign off that they have followed correct safety precautions before going on site.
– Take sales orders while on the road
– Have POS on tablets
– Record CRM notes while working remotely