MYOB and Xero users get paid faster with free online payment system

Faster payments with free online payment system

In the 2015/16 financial year, Australian businesses recorded an estimated $321 billion in income from orders via the internet. You don’t need to be an e-commerce business to jump on board the online payments bandwagon. Accepting money online works in every business:

• Your customers can pay their invoices at a time that’s convenient to them
• Customers can use their credit card to settle their debts with you
• You remove the unnecessary hurdles to putting money in your bank account

At 2 Peas, we take the stress out of collecting debts from our clients by using the easy reminder system, ezyCollect.  Now we can take it a step further and encourage our clients to pay directly via a link on their invoices and reminders.

With ezyCollect’s online payments hub, Simplypaid, your business can even automatically surcharge credit card fees. Collecting money online doesn’t need to cost your business a cent.

Here’s how it works:

ezyCollect offers Simplypaid as a free service to help businesses get paid faster. (You don’t need to be a subscriber to ezyCollect for automated email reminders.)

You’ll get customised ‘Pay Now’ buttons to add to your invoices and email reminders, turning your e-paperwork into a virtual terminal so that debtors can simply click and pay.

ezycollect pay now


Once a debtor has clicked their unique link, they enter Simplypaid. Because Simplypaid integrates with your MYOB or Xero file, it shows your debtor every open invoice. It even highlights the invoices that are very overdue. Debtors can select to pay multiple invoices at once.

eazycollect invoices

Simplypaid has chat and search functions; you can live chat with your debtors and resolve any queries quickly.

When customers click to pay, they enter their credit card details and payment is processed securely in seconds. (Here’s where you can automatically surcharge credit card fees as agreed with your merchant services provider.)

ezycollect credit card

Once a successful payment has been completed, your customer is automatically emailed a receipt, and Simplypaid logs the transaction in its history.

Simplypaid works on mobile phones too, so on-the-go customers can easily transact with you.

ezy collect text

Australia has made the switch to digital in a comprehensive way and the trend is continuing upwards. Is your business keeping up with the curve?

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