How we helped save Spencer & Co hours of time

Streamlining Hospitality Businesses

Pam Madytianos sat down with Carmel of Spencer & Co and the team at MYOB to look at the improvements that have been made in their business so far.

Watch the video to listen for yourself.

Spencer & Co used to waste 30 hours a month in creating spreadsheets. They just wanted something easy to use that wouldn’t take as much time, so they turned to 2 Peas after finding out about our strength in the retail and hospitality space.

Spencer & Co didn’t want to be doing bookkeeping so we automated a lot of the process for them.

We got them set up and running on Kounta, so now they have all their sales at the end of the day going across into MYOB. It’s totally minimised the bookkeeping that they have to do.

Spencer & Co’s staff use Deputy. They log in using their mobile phones which makes it really quick, helps with rostering, gives them an overview of what the week will look like.

Deputy talks to Kounta and they both work well with MYOB so there was a really nice ecosystem working to streamline things for Spencer & Co.

Spencer & Co now only have to click a couple of buttons to get what they need and to pay their staff. In fact, Carmel of Spencer & Co saves it “saves us an enormous amount of time!”

They love that by using these online tools they can be anywhere around the world and can still check in and see how the business is going and what staff are doing.

Carmel’s tips for other hospitality business owners:

  • Do your research
  • Network with other hospotality business owners
  • Take on board recommendations
  • Do what’s right for you.

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