How 2 Peas helps transform businesses

We’re here to help business owners with more than just bookkeeping.

Listen to Pam Madytianos on The Transformative Advisor podcast.

Our very own Pam Madytianos was asked to join Joe Woodard and Ben Ross on The Transformative Advisor podcast this week.

Transformative AdvisorPam spoke about the 2 Peas journey and how the business has changed over time from mainly data entry and bookkeeping to more business advisory. This came about because they saw their clients wanting to understand more about what was going on in their business. 2 Peas had the insights, industry knowledge, understanding of their clients’ needs and expertise in a wide range of accounting and operational softwares – all of this meant that is was a natural progression for them to offer business advisory services.

Pam also talks about how 2 Peas helps clients to benefit from cutting edge technology, and the long-term, high impact relationships that stem from that.

Listen to the podcast

(You’ll hear from Pam about 7 minutes in)

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