Has your business slowed down? Here are 5 tips to help you attract more leads

Finding your business through searches is no easy feast.  It is rare for people to find your business and become a client or customer without you letting them know you are here.  Your business has to grab people’s attention, turn visitors into leads and then convert those leads into sales.

By attracting solid leads you have a greater chances of converting them to sales.  Solid leads are those contacts who are engaged in your business, fit your buyer profile and are somewhat motivated to spend.

Here are five ways you can develop solid leads for your business:

1. Target your ideal customers and evaluate your market

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You can not be all things to everyone so, the reality is that there is a specific target client who is ideal for your business.  Those clients are the ones who are most likely to be attracted to your products or services and therefore the most likely to purchase these from you.

Aim your marketing to those specific people that are interested in what you are selling.  Knowing your target market allows you to develop the right marketing strategy to attract the right fit of client for your business.  It also saves you money on marketing because you can target your ideal clients, rather than marketing to everybody in hope that somebody shows interest.

Even more importantly, when you get to understand your ideal clients you can build more effective connections with them more which will generate leads you can then turn into sales.  Here is a link to our marketing tips that may help get you started.

2. Work out your unique value proposition

Your unique value proposition is what makes you stand out amongst your competitors.  What sets you apart?   Every business has something that is unique to them and therefore attracts a specific audience or market sector.

Your offering may be of a higher standard or quality.  You might have better after service, a premium loyalty program or a more specialised team of people to your competitors.  Even the size of your business can be a unique value proposition.  Smaller business can claim more personal, attentive and efficient service for their clients whereas larger businesses may be able to handle larger or global accounts.

By using your uniqueness you can target your marketing specifically to your preferred customer base in order to keep the leads coming in.

3. Participate in networking events

Networking events are a great way to meet people and to get the opportunity for some face-to-face time with potential leads. Yes, in-person marketing takes time and energy, and you can only talk to so many people at a time. But hearing an entrepreneur speak passionately about their business can be very persuasive.

Meeting people at events puts you in the optimum position to market yourself and your business.  It is your chance to talk to your potential clients and hear what issues they need solved.

Ensure the networking events you attend are relevant to your business and are functions that your ideal clients attend.  Otherwise, you’ll be wasting valuable time and energy.

4. Develop and Host Webinars

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Develop a course or class that solves your customers’ problems.  Hosting webinars are a great way to attract new business.  Think of the obstacles your clients face especially now while they can’t access you and create a course to help them address that issue.  Market the impact your webinar will provide to the attendees so they can click on the link to register for it!  This is a great way to attract more leads and in turn sales.

Make the content relevant and try not to make it too sales orientated, always include giveaways by way of downloads or free information and allow time at the end for a chat with your customers and answer all the questions they may have.  Always follow up after your session with follow up information so your potential clients find absolute value in what they received.  They will remember you and then engage you as they need arises as they will know the quality they are likely to receive by engaging your services.

5. Create high-value content

As more and more people use the internet to search for companies and research for what they wish to buy online, you need to ensure your business can be easily found.  So by developing high-value information and content on your website will encourage page visitors to come to your site and submit their contact information to you directly.

Make sure you use engaging calls to action.  Write blog posts that drive traffic to your website, develop tip sheets that quickly address some of your clients’ issues and get people to sign-up to receive them.  Also, create a newsletter that clients or customers can subscribe to.  The people on your newsletter subscription list become leads.

Make certain, however, that your content is timely, engaging and relevant to your clients and your business.

Last but not least,

Leads don’t just magically appear out of thin air.  It takes time and effort to develop solid contacts that turn into paying customers.  By identifying who your ideal clients are, understanding your unique value proposition, networking, producing webinars and developing relevant content, you can easily increase your solid leads.  Need help growing your business?  Get in touch.

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