Everything you need to stay HR compliant & informed

“Do you have an employee you are unsure how to manage and require HR management advice?”

“Are you certain you are across all of the current entitlements for you staff?”

“Do you have under performing, non productive employees?”

“Are you stressed you are not paying correctly?”


As you know there are multiple pressures and areas within your business which require your attention. The Human Resource (HR) landscape is one of those and it is becoming more and more complex and difficult to navigate with each passing year.

As Bookkeepers we are committed to ensuring you are as robust as possible where your financial health is concerned, and sometimes financial concerns can be centred around your employees.   What you pay, i.e. entitlements, super, etc, are all paramount to your business success and reputation and so we need to be mindful you are paying in accordance to workplace legislation.

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In addition, employees can sometimes bring curly situations to your workplace.  COVID restrictions, under-performance, multiple leave requests, plus claims of workplace disputes and unfair dismissals can give you a lot of unnecessary stress.

Thankfully, there are simple ways to remedy the above. For example, confirming with an HR support service will help to ensure you are paying correctly, and under the correct award.  Also making sure your employees have contracts, policies and procedures which outline your expected behaviours and expectations.  An outsourced HR provider can also help you manage leave, onboarding, and licence/certification registrations and renewal notifications which are all vital areas to keep records to mitigate risk regarding adherences to Fair Work, unions, state/federal and local legislation.

We are therefore pleased to announce we have engaged with a third party HR service which will ensure you are supported with all of the above.

Together we will provide you with the support, education and process required to help manage your HR concerns and to give you back your valuable time so you can invest in your business growth and development.

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If you want to know more/or perhaps even have a particular issue which you would like to discuss, please get in touch.   We will enable you with the correct HR advice, documents or process you need to remedy any employee issues plus provide ongoing support to manage compliance and mitigate risk in your business.  The costs associated far underweigh what you will receive in return.

With everything we have faced over the last two years, this is something for you to seriously consider.

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