Do your apps integrate with your accounting software?

Are your Apps talking to your accounting software, MYOB, Xero or QBO?  Have you been struggling to connect these applications and finding that you have additional data processing or having to double handle information?  It is not easy to achieve a seamless integration and quite often clients attempt this on their own only to later discover that their financials do not make much sense or, their accountant raises many questions or concerns.

Apps are designed to resolve as many of your operational pain points, and enhance production and workflow however, if apps are not used as they are designed, they are known to create an almighty accounting mess.

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These products do take a level of learning and require some experience in order to understand the fundamental flow of data and the impact this data flow can have in your accounting software especially, if integration is not set up correctly.

We have been working closely with our add-on partners to assist not only with the integration piece but also in helping to enhance their products.  We learn a lot about each clients’ business and complexities and know it is not ‘a one size fits all.’  Each client has its own unique way of doing business requirements which often requires specific customisation which are ordinarily not easily achieved out of the box.

2 Peas are cloud integration partners with an array of app companies and having worked with many software applications over the years and gained extensive industry and business knowledge has placed us in a unique position to better help our clients.  We take pride in reducing as many of our client pain points as possible whilst also challenging ourselves to streamline, create more efficiencies and automation for our client’s business.

It is so important to ensure the flow of data from your apps into your accounting platforms makes more logical sense otherwise it defeats the purpose of integration.

Here are some of the apps we integrate with:

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