COVID-19 Grants, Tax Breaks and Assistance Packages – Webinar Recording with Neto

It was a pleasure to be invited by NETO CEO Ryan Murtagh to participate in a joint free webinar to discuss how Australia’s changing landscape is impacting small business owners and what options are available by the Australia Government to help through the crisis.

We covered various topics including what grants, tax breaks and assistance packages are available to Small Business owners during the Coronavirus crisis. We talked about the obligations as employers during this difficult time and provided our listeners some simple recommendations to minimise the business risk of COVID-19.

At this time, we are seeing so much information coming through from various channels and a lot of ambiguity as things are changing fast and constantly. It is difficult to stay abreast of the most current news. As soon as you think you have understood what has been released, a new update follows which has a lot of people confused and questioning what is current news as of today or simply what it all means for small business traders.

Our free webinar outlines some of the updated Government stimulus packages in hope we answer questions. It offers you some advice on how to look after your business in this current climate and where to seek help.

Watch the webinar here:

2 Peas have also added a dedicated page on our website to COVID-19 Resources so our valued clients and listeners can obtain free information, tools and resources to help you through this difficult time.

We hope you get some valuable insight from the video as well as our COVID-19 Resources Page.

If you are requiring clarification or further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks and stay safe everyone, you are not alone.

Pam Madytianos
2 Peas Pty Ltd