Amazon – threat or opportunity for retailers? 7 tips to help retailers

With Amazon coming to Australia any day, there is a lot of concern among retailers about the impact Amazon will have. With its vast selection of products, low prices and fast delivery, retailers are concerned that it will wreak havoc with their markets. With predictions that Amazon will capture 5% of the retail market within 5 years, retailers need to change their traditional approach in order to maintain and improve…  Read more

Ostendo and freeway – making business more efficient

What’s all the fuss about? A client recently told us that they had scoured the world looking for a solution to their business requirements and were very surprised to find the solution in Malvern, just around the corner from their business. Freeway is a great app. that can run on your android tablet and phone, allowing users to capture information REAL TIME and have it update Ostendo via the internet,…  Read more