Cash Flow and Budgeting Made Easy

CALXA for SIMPLE and EASY creation of budgets

We have been running monthly classes, teaching businesses how to use CALXA for SIMPLE and EASY creation of budgets at both organisation and job/project/cost centre/tracking level.

However, we are finding that people are interested in Calxa for a number of reasons:

1. Yes, #1 has to be the budgeting, as it is so easy to create budgets. Actual figures are brought across automatically from MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks and then used as the basis of budgets, which can then be further edited.

2. The reporting…it is excellent. Most people attending the classes are using the bundle of reports to automatically create board reports at month end, and also include a page of commentary at the end of the pack.  The charts too are impressive and well received by the company board.

3. Consolidation of reports. Some attendees are not using Calxa primarily for budgeting, but because they have multiple accounting files, and they need an easy way to be able to combine the information into one summarized report.

4. Cash flow. Given that we all know that cash is the blood of business, knowing the timing of the various ins and outs of the business cash and the anticpated cash position into the future is critical.  Calxa provides excellent cash flow projections.

5. Not For Profits are excited to learn that they can upload their invoices via Calxa to the NDIA portal

6. Project management. Because budgets can be set for projects/jobs, and Calxa is multi-user, project managers can be given access to Calxa and be given access to edit their own budgets or just view their own budget reports.

7. KPIs – Calxa has a number of Key Performance Indicators built in, which measure and report on main analytics in the business. But students learn how to create their own unique measures and include them in the reporting.

So if you are looking to improve your business performance in the new financial year, have a look at Calxa and give us a call.


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