Which software is right for your business and industry type?

Are you struggling to work out which software is right for your business and industry type?

SoftwareAre you overwhelmed with all the software options available today? Are you looking for automation with your financial and operational business systems?  Are you struggling to work out what works best with your accounting software?  There is an overwhelming selection of applications available in the marketplace today and most business people do not have the time to work out what is best for them.

I would like to share 2 of our client experiences, whereby 2 Peas helped each of them select and implement the appropriate software for their industry type based around their specific requirements.


Client Case Study  1

Cafés, Restaurants and Wine Bars – A hospitality eco-system we recommend to some of our clients in this vertical is Kounta for their POS plus integrating Cooking the Books which is a complete kitchen management tool that tracks recipes and costs.  Additionally to this you have Deputy which can create rosters and scheduling of staff with ease as well as entering of timesheets and automated payroll information that integrates with your accounting software be it MYOB, Xero, QBO and others.  As another layer you can also incorporate HR Central which is an easy HR solution that helps you manage all your HR administration in one centralised place.  It helps you with your record keeping, process management, policies, procedures, leave and qualification tracking, as well as linking to your payroll system for prompt delivery of pay slips. It keeps you up to date with any changes to legislation, has a suite of tailored HR templates, such as Employment Contracts, Letters of Offer and more.

Initially clients feel a little anxious about the outlay in monthly fees but soon realise that they are in fact investing in their business and the results reflect this.  Once they get in and give the products a good go they then appreciate how much time and money it actually saves them and how much more visibility they have about their business.

Some of the feedback was that these products combined provided instant processing of information with live data at their fingertips.  They loved the ease of implementing a seamless POS system with Kounta which was setup on an iPad that integrates to their EFTPOS, pole display and cash drawer.  Cooking the Books enabled them to track all the ingredients for the various recipes they created in their kitchen so they establish correct costings in order to set prices to ensure they make a profit on their meals.  The bonus is that the 2 products integrate well so they work hand in hand to provide the required information.  Adding Deputy for their rostering allowed them to plan which staff should be rostered on as well as identify the most cost effective team members.  HR Central gave them control over their HR needs with the centralised portal that manages all of their HR.  It also provided the business owner to a team of experts to advise them on all things HR!

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Client Case Study 2

Cabinetmaking/Manufacturing – This business started with MYOB AccountRight Live and soon realised how much they could get from just one product.  As the business has grown we have introduced other add-on software HR Central for all things HR and a debtor management program with ezyCollect.  Our main focus for this client was to reduce as many of the pain points as possible.  With a team of over 60+ staff HR was a major pain point so delivering the HR Central program with the advisory service has eased their mind.  We introduced Calxa in the mix for Cash flow forecasting and budgeting as well as setting KPI’s for them.

We are now in the process of introducing other added software such as Ostendo for a more extensive workforce, job and project management as well as mobility with the Freeway app by Ostendo that will help with their growth strategy over the coming months.

Our client was initially resistant to cloud software but now is an advocate, recognising the efficiency gains.  Their streamlined processes enable them to continue on the journey of the fastest growing cabinetmaking business in Australia.

Here is what Tina from GH Cabinets had to say about the one of our clients had to say

If you are struggling to determine which is the best software choice for your specific business requirements make sure you seek help from reputable business software advisors.  2 Peas prides themselves on empowering small and medium businesses with useful products that allow their clients to continue growing their business and run more smoothly.