Struggling to find the right Point of Sale solution to manage your shop?

point of salesAre you in the Fashion Industry and struggling to find the right Point of Sale solution to manage your shop?

Fashion retailers face a set of very specific and unique challenges, not experienced by other retailers. Effectively managing fashion inventory is the key to success in this vertical – fashions change rapidly and inventory can easily become obsolete or be damaged, leading to significant losses.

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The fashion vertical is also one of the most competitive, meaning that retailers need to be on the top of their game if they want to operate a successful and profitable business.

Having worked with various retail point of sale solutions over the years, one that stood out was Retail Express. An online software that can help transform your retail business. From single to multistore owners.

Mobile Point of Sale

If there’s one thing which makes you feel special in a Retail store, it’s when the sales person provides you with personal attention. After all, shopping for fashion items is a highly personal activity. Retail Express allows sales staff to literally have access in the palm of their hand to every inventory item, every variant, available in every store in the network. Don’t have an item in stock in the right colour/size – no problem, there’s one available in our other store!

Stock Forecasting to assist with Range Planning

Fashion inventory is generally purchased on ‘indent’ up to 6 months in advance. Retail Express includes advanced inventory forecasting tools which allow the retailer to see exactly how previous season product ranges have sold, giving them a clear insight into the planning of the upcoming product range.

point of saleStore level Range Management

Once the inventory arrives in store, the next challenge is to make sure it is distributed evenly throughout the store network. Retail Express provides tools which give the retailer an understanding of how to move inventory between their stores, to maximise sell-through rates and minimise the need to discount at the end of a season.
With the right tools in place, fashion retailing can be one of the most rewarding and profitable verticals.