Ostendo Year End Health Check

With year end rushing up, it is time that Ostendo users start preparing their files to make sure that the figures you are reporting are as accurate as possible.


Here are 10 tips for making sure things are in order:

  1. Remember to take a back-up of your Ostendo file on 30/6/18
  2. Remember to do a stock take as close to 30/6/18 and print off the Inventory stocktake report and the inventory valuation report. Look particularly at any negative stock figures and look at the valuation on each item
  3. Check your invoices to make sure that they are printed…remember that no unprinted invoices will report in your accounting software
  4. Check your orders to see if any have been fully supplied but invoicing has been missed
  5. Look at your customer payments to see if there are any that haven’t been fully applied
  6. Go through your purchase orders to see if any need to be deleted
  7. Examine your purchase receipts to see if there are any that haven’t been posted
  8. Run through your purchase invoices. Are there any there that should have been completed and sent over to your accounting software?
  9. Run your report on Purchase Receipts not invoiced and see why any appearing in the list haven’t been raised as a bill
  10. Reconcile your figures in Ostendo against your figures in your accounting software. Some of the key figures to reconcile
    1. Inventory
    2. Unapplied Payments
    3. Customer Deposits
    4. Debtors
    5. Purchase Receipts not invoiced
    6. Work in Progress

Once you have Ostendo in good order for year end, remember to lock your Ostendo file and your accounting file, so that no one can put transactions into a period that you have already worked on.

And if you need a hand with this work, give 2 Peas a call to organise a time to do a review.  Keep in mind that Ostendo is a big, powerful system and that you are probably not using it to its full potential.  2 Peas can review your requirements and help you to use Ostendo more effectively for your business.