Employing is never simple


Employing staff is no easy task nor is it straightforward.  From the moment you take on that responsibility as a business owner or manager, you are required, by law, to follow and practice the correct laws and regulations in Australia that governs the employer-employee relationship. All types of employers and employment relationships are covered under these laws and some aspects of the law also apply to unpaid workers, volunteers and volunteer organisations.

Examples of the sorts of legislation that a business owner must be across are:

But that is just the start.  Apart from setting up and running the payroll (which of course, we can help with) there are many administration duties that you need to be across when managing people, from an HR perspective and it is to be taken seriously. If you are not in a position to employ someone you can always look at outsourcing your HR to a professional HR organisation.

At 2 Peas we have done just that and it has taken the stress away.  The reason for this is that an HR Specialist can assist you to set up your HR procedures, which may be a suite of HR documentation pertaining to your employees (such as an Employment contract), policies around what you expect within your business (such as code of conduct, dress code, drug and alcohol policies etc), set up systems for leave, qualification tracking and performance management and ensure that your payroll system is delivering payslips in a timely manner to each staff member.

As employers you need to be completely sure that you are paying the correct rates as per the modern award for your staff and finding the right award can sometimes be difficult to determine.  So an HR Specialist can assist you to ensure that you are doing the right thing financially by your staff and that you don’t find yourself stung with a hefty fine down the track.

By putting these structures in place ensures that you are compliant and you are halfway there to meeting your legal obligations and can sleep peacefully at night!  These everyday HR duties keep you organised so no need to spend hours sifting through paper files, scrambling around to find that piece of paper that you wrote staff notes on, remembering who is going on leave and when….that is why your business should perhaps be looking at an HRIS.  A Human Resource Information System.

Having all your policies and employee documentation managed by technology cuts down your time, keeps you up to speed with your employee records and, when stored in the cloud, means you can log in from any device to find the information you are looking for – fast!

It doesn’t stop there though – what do you do when you are faced with an internal dispute? Harassment or bullying for example, or a staff member who is being “tricky” by doing things such as not turning up to work at the correct time repeatedly, these things do happen!  or that you may find that you need to exit from your employ. Not following the correct procedures can be catastrophic and you need to be aware of what to do in these instances.

So, when you look at it – HR is not only comprehensive, but time consuming and if not managed correctly – very costly.  So, like having a dentist for your teeth, a bookkeeper for your books, look into outsourcing your HR.

At 2 Peas, we use HR Central for our HR requirements.  They provided us with all the tools needed to ensure that we are set up with minimal stress and more organised.   They evaluated our current HR policies and learned about our business, to prepare us with a complete suite of what we needed, including templates and policies.

The software looks after leave, qualifications (such as licence and certificate renewals, expiries), plus linked to our payroll system for access to payslips.  We can monitor conversations we have had with staff members, have all our employee files in one place and be notified by email if our new staff haven’t signed off on company policies and procedures.   It’s a very helpful tool in keeping our business compliant and the best thing is that the system prompts us and reminds us, which mitigates risk and keeps us on top of our HR duties.

When you subscribe to HR Central you have access via phone or email to an HR Specialist who will answer any questions you have or support you with the right advice as required.   A must for any business to ensure efficient and effective streamlining of processes.

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