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Every business needs to manage their costs and we are aware of the time you can spend on your bookkeeping. We believe that your time is valuable and should be spent on building your business. That’s why we have adopted Receipt Bank for our clients. It helps clients to process transactions with little effort, leaving you with more time for the important stuff. Automation is transforming the future of bookkeeping and Receipt Bank is an easy to use software that allows us to adopt automation into a business, thus allowing them to thrive and grow.

What is Receipt Bank?

Receipt Bank is an award-winning online software which helps small to medium businesses with their day to day accounts payable processing by eliminating as much manual data entry and encouraging a paperless environment.

How does it work?

Receipt Bank allows you to capture an image of source documents and feed these directly into your cloud accounting software. The source documents are what the suppliers supply you as a proof of purchase for example a receipt, tax invoice or other type bills. The ATO currently requires proof of purchases made that are over $82.50 (GST Inclusive), this software keeps your source documents saved in a secure cloud storage. Receipt Bank has developed a technology that allows the software to scan the items information and look for the specific detailing (such as suppliers name, total, date and GST). It then gets verified through data extraction by a member of their team. Once it’s verified and the relevant rules have been applied when integrating your accounting software, you can choose to publish the receipt to the cloud automatically!

There are several methods of importing the source document to Receipt Bank and these are:


This is by far our favourite way of importing the information to Receipt Bank. All you need to do is have the “Receipt Bank” app downloaded onto your android or IOS device, take a photo of your source documents from anywhere, anytime as long as you are connected to the internet and submit it for processing. This allows you to make purchases or receive invoices and enter them as you go by just taking an image and submitting it.

By E-mail

Submit items by attaching them to your Receipt Bank account. Every Receipt Bank user is provided with a unique, personalised and customisable email address.

From your computer

Upload items through the Receipt Bank website.

By PayPal

If you pay purchases through PayPal you can simply ‘Grant Access’ to be able to import from the PayPal tab.

By Dropbox

Submit items through Dropbox by enabling your Dropbox account.

This software currently integrates with MYOB AccountRight, Xero, Quickbooks Online as well as other products.

Where do I start?

If you are ready to begin transforming the way you manage your accounts payable contact our office so we can get you started with a Receipt Bank subscription. Mention our promo code ‘Receipt Bank Blog’ and you will receive 1 month free subscription followed by 10% off RRP for the following 12 months*.

Phone: 1300 TWO PEAS (1300 896 732)


Promo Code: ‘Receipt Bank Blog’

*Condition offer is only valid to clients with a direct debit system with 2 Peas only for 12 months at 10% off RRP price.