Better budgeting and cash flow?

If you have made the new year’s resolution that 2018 will be the year that you finally start doing budgets and cash flow forecasting, it is time to do something about it!  Especially if you made the same resolution in 2017.

Why are these tools essential for good business management?


Allows you to set limits or targets on what the business will be incurring in expenses or earning in income, or outlaying on assets and liabilities.  By having a budget, businesses are able to compare their actuals against the budgets to see where variances lie and to take action before these discrepancies cause problems in the business.

Cash flow forecasting

Enables the business to estimate the amount of cash available at a point in the future, and able to look to see if there will be shortages or excesses and to take action in the present to avoid problems.

2 Peas runs regular training classes on these topics and the first one in 2018 will be on 30th January.  Call the office on 1300 896 732 to register.