How Add-Ons help me to stay efficient, connected and to maximise my work day

With the introduction of so many apps and savvy online tools, my job as an Office Administrator could not be made easier.  The world of Add-Ons has changed the way people interact not only in business but with each other and their networks.


My day starts with reviewing staff timesheets, scheduling and rostering staff to client appointments.  Ostendo has streamlined this process for our business as it has also allowed us to manage our lead referral funnel and track our jobs.  This then feeds into our online accounting program MYOB AccountRight Live so we can evaluate our progress day to day.


MYOB AccountRight Live is a power source all in itself and for what it doesn’t do there are savvy add-ons that connect to it to create so much more automations and control management for our business.  We have integrated a debtor management application called EzyCollect, an automated system, that takes away the anxiety of chasing customers.  On the flip side we also have Receipt Bank which extracts data from cash receipts and invoices and seamlessly uploads them into our accounting program, which reduces my data entry process.


In my 35+ years working as an Office Administrator on 3 continents, I experienced first-hand the fast changing ways of my day to day tasks.  Gone are the days of telex machines, typewriters, dial-up internet, and the brick mobile phone.  Now we are graced with laptops, iPads, smart phones and an array of powerful Add-Ons.


Gone too are the days of constantly chasing clients for payment, replaced with an app that automates the process so all I do is check the progress of payment.  Gone are the days of entering our accounts into ledger books now to be replaced with an online accounting program that imports our bank feeds and uploads our bills and automates our super payments.  Also gone are the days of filing small receipts and invoices after I enter them into our accounting program, instead I upload a photo or PDF using my smart phone and then voila – with a couple of key strokes it is imported into our accounting software.


At the end of the day, when the lights go off I know my daily office tasks have all been completed efficiently….and what’s most important…I’m not even tired! Thank you Add-Ons! 🙂