4 ezyCollect Habits To Save Your Business Time And Money

time managementLooking for ways to double your results but only have half the time to do it? You may already be acquainted with the idea of automation-software intelligence and tools that take the pain out of manual tasks. But are you reaping the benefits?

With debtor management software like ezyCollect you save significant time. By automating this process your business can save staff time and divert effort to other business functions that help grow your business.

Here’s 4 ezyCollect habits designed to save you time in debt management duties, while improving the cash position of your business:

1.  Send reminders on time

Consistent, polite reminders keep your overdue invoices on your creditor’s radar, and reinforces that your business is serious about collecting payment. Stay hands-free by letting the system generate your pre-planned communications to overdue customers.

communications workflow

Sample system-generated communications workflow in ezyCollect

2. Call scheduling

Let the system schedule calls to be made. Your daily tasks list is automatically updated with overdue customers who are due a reminder phone call.

reminder phone calls
ezyCollect’s system schedules reminder phone calls to be made

3. Keep a CRM of debtors

Get in the habit of keeping a complete record of your credit customers’ contact details, payments history, open invoices and completed communications. You’ll save time trying to reach your debtors, as well as time updating your team on the status of each debtor.

history of customer communications

ezyCollect records the complete history of customer communications

4. Send monthly statements

Decide which day of the month you want your customers to receive a monthly statement of all current and overdue invoices. Set this action once and let the system communicate with your customers monthly.

For a deeper look at other ways to streamline your debtor management, read our ezyCollect review Streamline Debtor Management with ezyCollect.

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