Are you preventing your business from growing?

As a business grows, requirements change as do workflows and processes.  As business operations gain momentum and complexities increase you may feel overwhelmed by the influx of work which may also prevent your business from reaching its full potential.  It is a time to get some help!

Accounting software like MYOB, Xero and Quickbooks are fantastic platforms to manage your business but can only take you to a point.  They cannot always fulfil every business requirement or workflow change.  Many businesses we encounter require solutions that enhance functionality to their accounting platform in order to better manage their business and to enable it for growth.

I encourage business owners to evaluate their business regularly and to identify areas of improvements before they become out of control or major problems that prevent them from reaching your growth potential.

The best way to achieve this is to engage people whom have experience around accounting and operational software Applications or have worked with businesses in this capacity to achieve results.  There is a plethora of software and quite often we meet business owners who have tried the DIY approach only to come back and later engage us to help them through their journey.

Understanding a business and its workflows is key to the selection process of any software apps.  There are many similar software by industry group however, each has its own idiosyncrasy or lack of a particular function or over promise and under deliver or simply the interpretation of function is misunderstood and is discovered too late in the implementation phase.   The aim of adding other tools is to remain efficient and productive as well as equipped for growth.

Here are 6 key signs a growing business needs a solution:

  1. Manually entering data in multiple software applications e.g Excel, CRM, Accounting software
  2. Lack of control and visibility of inventory, particularly in cases of multiple warehouse and sales channels such as e-commerce and bricks-and-mortar stores
  3. Your competitors are outpacing you.
  4. Relying on manual forecasting
  5. Lack view of overall profitability of the business
  6. Simply not keeping up or out of control with business management.

The growing business needs to look at creating the right eco-system that streamlines and automates as many processes and workflows.  Also, selecting the Apps most suitable for their business needs whilst having the key ability for these programs to seamlessly integrate.

The Accounting App world is BIG and confusing.  It is vital to have the right expertise and knowledge in order to select the right fit for your business if you are to continue a growth trajectory.

The 2 Peas Team

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