Third Party Accounting Add-Ons May Just Save Your Business

In the past, businesses used server-based systems for their accounting and operations.

The systems were either huge packages that cost the same as our national debt or were standalone systems that didn’t integrate with any other system, required duplication of entry and were prone to human error.

These systems were propped up by a multitude of spreadsheets, to compensate for the shortfall in functionality provided. With the advent of cloud-based systems that are built on new technology, software is being revolutionised.

“APIs” (Application Programming Interface) allow different software packages to easily integrate with one another. Software providers are dumping large upfront payments for software in favour of small regular, monthly fees.

Software providers are seeking niche markets to write specific software for, in exchange for the monthly licensing.


Ideal for job shops, custom manufacturers, construction, service maintenance.

With all of the changes, it makes it easy for businesses to take a “mix and match” approach: they buy a base accounting product, and then add in other software that is appropriate for their specific business needs.

One advantage for business in this changing environment is that even small business can afford the niche type programs that are relevant for their particular needs, without having to pay large amounts up front.

It means that business is much more likely to have access to third-party apps that help them to run more efficiently and give better control of operations.

It also means that add-on apps are being developed at an astronomical rate, allowing huge advances in areas such as instant integration between the add-ons and the accounting back end, scheduling and mobility applications etc.

No longer will businesses need to replace an entire legacy system with another solution purely because they have outgrown the old system or require further functionality that cannot be added to that system. It also means that businesses can do away with the plethora of spreadsheets and Access databases that have been used to supplement the old stand-alone systems…also doing away with the error factor too in manually transferring data between such systems.

The investment made in add-on solutions is returned quickly by the efficiency it creates and time saved.


Kounta is an extremely flexible and scalable cloud based Point of Sale “POS” Software

One small example of this is the speed at which business can now receive payments from customers by the simple swipe of a credit card on the mobile phone that also updates the accounting backend instantly.

Some of our clients are finding mobility options a huge boon – technicians and tradesmen on the road can be alerted to new jobs and given the details of the job requirements without having to come back into the office.

Other clients are moving into ERP systems, like the big businesses run, and using the systems to develop LEAN processes, while getting a true picture of their true costs of jobs and manufacturing and scheduling their workflow more effectively.

We have seen the development of add-ons for almost every business need: processing of credit card payments via iphones, budgeting, extended reporting, ERP, project management, job costing, manufacturing, Point of Sale, time tracking, barcoding …the list goes on and on.

As business consultants and software experts our passion is to assist business owners to make the right choice by advising on the best solutions that are geared to the specific nature of their business and industry type.

Third party apps have improved significantly the way we do business. Businesses who are early adopters of such advancements most definitely gain a competitive edge in the market place.

If you are still a business reliant on a multitude of non-integrated databases and spreadsheets, it is time to rethink how you are managing your business.